Religion and Politics

the West’s track to the right – Australia, Germany, and Norway

Some spectators would like to consider the Tea Party as a blip on the radar — a minor conflagration… however,

Religion and Politics

If #Syria turns over their chemical weapons can we still attack them?

The government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Monday said it welcomed a Russian proposal to avert U.S. military strikes

Logos Bible Software

figuring out @logos’s Bible Sense Lexicon

I haven’t broached it yet — thought I might. Here is the first image. More later.

Liturgy and Worship

Vlog Review of @Logos’s Liturgies Eastern and Western Collection (2 vols.)

You can find the item here. Note, this resource was not provided by Logos for a review. Given my recent


Quote of the Day: Sunday School Religion

The death of my only sister forced me to confront Sunday school religion and weigh it against a grown man’s

Logos Bible Software

Vlog Introduction to @logos’s Lexham Bible Guides: Paul’s Letters Collection (13 vols.)

The description is here. 10 minutes is just not enough time, I tell you, just not enough time! Some of

Clement of Rome

parting thoughts on 1 Clement, Barnabas and the Didache

For the past few weeks in Sunday School, we’ve discusses the above named early Christian writings. We wrapped it up

Gender Issues

Local Catholic Leader and Women in the RCC

In calling only men as his apostles, Christ acted freely, emphasizing the dignity and the vocation of women, unafraid to