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sexual predator

Their anger followed the comments made by prosecution lawyer Robert Colover. In sentencing, Judge Nigel Peters apparently accepted the suggestions


Book Announcement: @ivpacademic’s Paul and Judaism Revisited A Study of Divine and Human Agency in Salvation

Some of you still like to read the Apostle Paul… so if you do, this looks like a good book

Religion and Politics

Rep Steve King says more about religion and science than he’d care to admit

Wednesday, King reportedly told the audience that climate change “is not proven, it’s not science. It’s more of a religion

Society and Religion

Matt Chandler and Bull Balls

My church has bought something a lot of churches are buying— videos that teach so you don’t have to. I’m

Religion and Politics

Lawyer Dola Indidis sues Israel, Italy, King Herod and Emperor Tiberius over Jesus Christ’s trial and crucifixion

  A LAWYER lawyer has filed a lawsuit with the International Court of Justice to overturn the trial and crucifixion


Parallel discussions in the blogosphere about Parallelism

It started here with McGrath speaking about Brodie’s aptness to resort to parallelism, a term coined by Sandmel. The Shape

Religion and Politics

Pennsylvania to walk with the dinosaurs

Bloom calls it a move to protect “academic freedom.” The Philadelphia Inquirer quotes Bloom as saying, “In the real world,