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Twitter Theology makes me sigh….

Someone doesn’t understand Catholicism’s view on natural law… Nor did they hear the Holy Father say Mary was above the


Book Announcement: Encyclopedia of Ancient Christianity, 3 Vol’s of goodness from @ivpacademic

This is going to be awesome. This 3-volume encyclopedia, produced by the Institutum Patristicum Augustinianum, comprises 3,220 entries by a

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My latest on @HuffPostRelig – talking about Q and the Living Voice of Jesus

You can find it here: Are the Gospels Made-up? | Joel L. Watts. I wonder how long before criminal asstermind

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Oh come on @RezaAslan, this is going to give #FoxNews credibility

By now, you’ve heard of the ‘interview’ of Dr. ]] by “religion correspondent” Lauren Green of Fox News. It was awful

Logos Bible Software

Don’t know much about… Church History? @AcademicLogos @Logos @kenthendricks

I’ve got a suspicion. I suspect — and maybe I am projecting — you may not know a lot about

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proof jim west secretly believes in infant baptism, like zwingli did

Maybe not the real Jim West, but at the very least a Jim West… who believes in infant baptism, just

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I don’t understand Pope Francis ‘judging the gays’

In a press conference he reportedly gave, and Reuters reported accurately translated, he says: “They say they exist. If someone


The Paralyzing Fear Of Being Both An Evangelical And A Moderate Methodist

I make much of “aiming for the center” in my preaching and teaching. It is my desire to make much