Christian Education

Are you finding intellectual enjoyment in the Church?

Because of reading several polls on why people are leaving the Church, I’ve maintained for a while part of the


So I am uncharitable? Maybe you should grow a pair…

Catchy title huh? But it arises out of a really disappointing experience that I had recently. I am a theology

Christian Education

Christian, whatcha learning?

Geoff said this on Facebook: I’d be happy if they got one year of formal education.. it would be a

Publications and Papers

A review for From Fear to Faith

A review forĀ From Fear to Faith: This anthology of intelligent and poignant stories carries an incredible wallop! As I read


To Save Protestantism, should we turn to… Mary?

Continuing with a post(al) thought from yesterday, I am reminded that many Reformers allowed for Mary’s place in Christian theology.


Lady Wisdom

My beautiful and brilliant niece with hair the color of summer strawberries was five years old the first time I

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Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow

What do we think about church? Why do we exist as congregations? What are our long term plans? Do you