Society and Religion

US Christians And The Limits of Just War

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Is atheism and agnosticism really satirical? @Scotteriology

Scott Bailey brought this to my attention. I mention him because he and I have discussed this on twitter. The

Religion and Politics

Gay Rights among the Results of the War Between the States

All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United


Why aren’t we overjoyed at this news? #aids #hiv @DavidBartonWB

Two men who had grueling bone marrow treatments for cancer are enjoying a happy side effect: They appear free of

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Logos Bible Software

Review of @logos’s 1,500 Quotations for Preachers, with Slides (5 vols.)

This is a video review of 1,500 Quotations for Preachers, with Slides (5 vols.), a new volume from Logos. Overall,

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Some helpful reminders to both sides of the Gay Marriage debate

Saw this on Facebook… I’d add ‘the appeal to authority.’