Is Deism irrational?

I posted a humorous little picture. My friend, Dr. James McGrath reposted it. He has made some comments on it


Women Warriors: Deborah and Daenyerus

Sand and palms, breeze rolls in off the sea, sun beats down and she hears the cries of her children.

Bible Translation

a MAP for bible translators

MAP stands for Modular Aggregation of Principles for Bible Translation. It is an online learning community created by the Nida

John Wesley

John Wesley on enthusiasts and their false witness

These are stanzas 18 and 19 of his sermon, linked to below: A second sort of enthusiasm is that of


Learn how to speak in tongues with these simple steps

Growing up, we encountered these types… where the tongue talkers could teach others. Of course,¬†we didn’t do that. It was


Our language is too straight

In my recent piece on the Historical Jesus, I chose to use these words: …just a story told like other