My Four Part Man Of Steel #MOS Review

The First Part: it’s spoiler free, and it is up; I will keep you all updated. Take, Look, and Read!

Society and Religion

Is Martin Luther going to swim the Tiber?

I usually reserve such RSS-news stories for this blog’s facebook page, but this seemed to annoy Jim… Senior Roman Catholic


Should Johnny Storm/The Human Torch Be Cast As A Black Man?

Racists are up in arms. Should they be though? I would argue anti-racists should be just as concerned with this

Religion and Politics

Clinton/Christie 2016? My latest on @HuffPostPol

Okay, so to be honest, I hated calling it the “Civil War.” It wasn’t civil by any sense of the


Excerpts from “Joseph Campbell: The Power of Myth — with Bill Moyers” – The Ascension

For discussion… Would Bultmann be proud? Excerpts from “]]” MOYERS: But aren’t many visionaries and even leaders and heroes close