Finally… a respectable blogger

I have no illusions, I’m no blogger. I don’t think I have the stamina for it. via The Purpose of

Society and Religion

More on the Bad Eschatology = Denial of Climate Change Reality

And it comes from Mark Driscoll who is speaking at the Catalyst Conference: So… um… yeah…

Logos Bible Software

A preview of a feature of @AcademicLogos’s Text Animation


So, I guess I’ve been outed as an Atheist

I and other bloggers have written posts on the school tests demanding that the correct answer to the age of

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Wish I could have said things like this as a T.A.

Found on Reddit – will keep for later use  

Religion and Politics

Facts debunk the hype caused by @ToddStarnes

This is a well-balanced view of the recent Goebbel-like propaganda machine called Fox News Channel: The current controversy seems to

Gospel Criticism

Two Generations or Five years?

James McGrath has a post up detailing some interesting posts on mythicism. He points to an article by ]]. Komarnitsky


Quick Thoughts on Iron Man 3 – “Strangely Mimetic”

I am unsure as how to describe my reaction to this movie — but seeing as how I have a