Denial of Climate Change Science and Bad Eschatology are Related

Oh good… a quantification of what many of us have suspected for a while: Research by David C. Barker of


Palam, Aperte, Silentium – Something Hidden in Plain Sight? (The Gospel of Mark)

I briefly made use of this in my book, but it bears more examination and given the question I was

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No Military Court Martial for Christians — what will @toddstarnes do now?

These are accurate statements quoted within a proper context without hyperbolic rhetoric: Members of the military are free to share

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It’s this type of stuff Louisiana has decided is fact

First, you gotta read this: This chapter is a revision of that which originally was published after one of my

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Attention Biblical Scholars – Call for Papers for SBL Newletters

The SBL is going to start their bi-monthly newsletter again, aimed at high school teachers and students in elective classes


A book announcement for you parents out there #parenting

I know Ric — he is a contributor to a volume I am co-editing from Energion — and he has

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Bad News for Catholic Republicans…

Pope Francis condemns austerity: “And here I think of the difficulties that, in various countries, today afflict the world of