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Among the saddest things you’ll see on the ‘net today

Very, very sad…


And out of the dust of the…

Because the grains, which were found in meteorites from two different bodies of origin, have spookily similar isotopic compositions, the

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I once was lost but now I’m found… Another child death

In my essay for the upcoming book, Fear to Faith, I mention the fact that I was raised in this sort


Review: @KregelAcademic’s Charts on the Life, Letters, and Theology of Paul

Kierspel, Lars. Charts on the Life, Letters, and Theology of Paul. Kregel Publications, 2012. Color me impressed — and I

Society and Religion

@CandidaMoss on St. George

April 23rd is St. George’s Day, a celebration of England’s patron saint. He inspired Shakespeare’s Henry V, his standard became

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WV Delegate wants Science Fiction Taught in Schools

“In Southern West Virginia, there’s a bit of a Calvinistic attitude toward life – this is how things are and

Religion and Politics

What if Daleks were North Korean?