A great unanswered question of our time #doctorwho


2 Peter’s Canon

I really want to do some work on intentional canonization by John, but will have to do other things first.

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China’s Flirtation with Constantinism

It may be helpful if you read ]]’s book, ]]) A few years ago China was attempting to face it’s

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@Energion – From Fear to Faith, another endorsement

As a co-editor, I am very glad to have received this: You can pre-order for the next few days our


4th Century Church Found on site of Jewish Temple at Shiloh

One of the oldest churches ever to be excavated in Israel was recently discovered at the archaeological site of Tel

Religion and Politics

Why we don’t care about West, Texas

See this: We are regularly told this is the cost of doing business. This is capitalism. This is what makes

Christian Education

That’s not a real test, and that’s not real education

This is floating around FB (originally here) Now, you may wonder if this is fake – this is not. This