Religion and Politics

We are a Republic of Laws

There has been much said this past week about the rise in American acceptance of the right for two non-heterosexual


Starting but not but I am my dissertation

Does that make sense? No? Anyway, I am starting to develop my dissertation. I need to keep most of this quiet

Church History

@ivpacademic – Stop, Elaborate, and Listen, Joel’s back and he’s got a brand new invention

Yesterday, I tweeted to arguably one of the finest publishers known to the human race. Indeed, not since Moses has


Some awesome books from @bakeracademic

I’ve been thinking about what to do next in my rather large small group (Sunday School). Last time, we got


In the (e)Mail – @KregelAcademic: The Singing Grammarian Songs and Visual Presentations for Learning New Testament Greek Grammar

There are scores of first-year Greek grammar textbooks available for Bible college and seminary courses in biblical Greek. Far less

Religion and Politics

What is ‘pro-Constitution, pro-America’?

Clearly, at one time, it was the American Fascist Party. James Ives, who was listed as the president of the Greater Fort