The Dystopia of Billy Joel’s Piano Man

The imagery of this song is…

Society and Religion

Jim still isn’t convinced Simcha and Tabor are correct

And should he be. As much as some like Tabor, many people he is following a conman, er, conperson in

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Biblical Limericks: Are You the King or Not?

Joel has asked for a few guest bloggers to join him here at Unsettled Christianity, so I have offered to


I don’t think you understand Creator ontologically

It bugs me when certain people pretend to know what they are talking about. For instance, Hambone suggests that the entirety of

Logos Bible Software

Hey @logos, @catfishjim, a recommendation

Hey y’all… I’ve got a suggestion. On Amazon, users are allowed to make book lists that act as recommendations. It

Society and Religion

Pope Francis to end Constantinism?

While the church includes a large institution with centuries of history, he said, “the church does not have a political