Yes, Google Reader is going away, but there are options, namely @feedly

First, read this awesome post (HT Aw via Twitter) and this one by Mark Goodacre. Then, go to Feedly


From the Personal Promise Bible: Me in the Song of Solomon

Remember this post from earlier today? It involves a company selling bibles specially printed with your name inserted into thousands


Quote of the Day: Pope Francis

(W)e can walk as much we want, we can build many things, but if we do not confess Jesus Christ,

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On the name of the new pope #pontifex #popefrancis


I take it all back. The American Patriot’s Bible is not the WORST bible ever. This is

It’s called the Personal Promise Bible. It promises to include your name in the bible in over 7000 instances. For

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In which Steve Caruso strands Ralph Ellis on a deserted island of utter stupidity

As I’ve said before, Ralph Ellis is a nut, a loon, a moron. Generally speaking, he is a self-published troll.