Quote of the Day: A. Scott Moreau

‎”I anticipate the day of the domination of Western evangelicals coming to a close–if it has not already happened. My


Languages of Identity and Obligation: Daniel as Bilingual Book (Anathea E. Portier-Young)

]] has a paper (here) on the bi-lingual aspects of Daniel. The reason this is important is because for a

Publications and Papers

I hope everyone is this happy when they get my book


Ironic title about Tim Tebow and Westboro Baptist Church

Guess both really like Pepperdine: On Monday, Pepperdine’s official Facebook and Twitter accounts announced quarterback Tim Tebow as the keynote

Publications and Papers

Joel L. Watts: Did God Kill Jesus? <-- My article on @HuffPostReligon

You can find it here: Joel L. Watts: Did God Kill Jesus?. Remember, it could only be a 1000 words


Should you read the “bible” from cover to cover?

My first answer is no. This is remarkably similar to my second answer, which is something like “sure, why not,


Nearby Ancient Star Older than Creation

Understanding the principle of the speed of light is difficult for Young Earth Creationists, but since we can measure this