Well, it’s Nic Cage, so I might actually watch Left Behind the reboot

Or not. HT. I don’t get it. The books were awful, the movies worse, and I think I detect a

Logos Bible Software

Finally, the Michael Barber Collection (2 vols.) is available from @Logos @michaelpbarber

This collection presents two volumes written by Michael Barber, a well-known name in the Catholic community. A teacher, professor, author,


@kregelacademic’s Devote Yourself to the Public Reading of Scripture, a Review

Several scholars enthusiastically support the modern preacher learning and then applying the skills of ancient rhetoric when they seek to

Society and Religion

As a Protestant, I have my favorites for Pope as well

First, I found this funny, Yesterday or the day before, Brian LEPORT!!!!! posted some thoughts on who he’d like to