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Ted Nugent or Charles Manson

And this is the guy who is the mascot of the more conservative than the tea party crowd


My quick run through of the recent @ivpacademic catalogue (Spring, 2013)

Sorry, but I had five minutes, and I figured that this was a lot easier to do than a series


@bakeracademic’s Seven Events That Shaped the New Testament World, a Review

Carter, Warren. Seven Events That Shaped the New Testament World. Baker Academic, 2013. ___ Warren Carter never fails to delight

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The Appalachian Hermeneutic Maybe Proposal – Topics

So, I’m thinking about this proposal, for a variety of reasons — namely because I rather like Appalachia and think

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Things Fundies won’t like about the Pope resigning

“The papacy is a significant office in Christianity with a great deal of history and a great deal of responsibility.


Interview with @MarkRoncace, author of Raw Revelation

Dr. Roncace, thank you for taking this time to “sit down” for this interview to discuss your latest work, Raw


Logic in the Cult of Little Honey Tee Tee

Here is an example: Your original language point. Since we do not have the original mss. we do not know


Jesus Is My N**ga Rap – Or, how to fail at being relevant

I kid you not. “Christian swag” “proud to be an American” “cap in your butt” A homie. Oh dear GOD.