God bless you, Dorothy King, in which she destroys Little Honey Tee Tee

Look at this comment here: Look ‘theologyarchaeology’ – or kinship or David Tee or whatever you want to call yourself

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I’m going to add this to my CV

Here I am. My first guest contributor spot on Huffington Post Live. A few things – I like the pure


Literary Criticism as a path forward for Textual Criticism?

Tom is an interesting cat. I think he would like to, filled with a profound sense of mistrust, dispense with

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Blogging my book: How I feel about Reviews

Seriously, I want people to read the book, but I will refuse to read the reviews because, well, I get


An interesting bit of music… Elba

E.S. Posthumus is the duo of brothers Helmut Vonlichten and Franz Vonlichten, who were both born and raised in Los


Stephen King is a Moron – It IS about all of those things

Dude… No, I guess he’s correct. On the other hand, he has all of those other things so…


Okay, so clearly Star Wars is based on Methodism, but this is a bit too far


Religion and Politics

Stay classy, Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod

Earlier this month, the president of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, Pastor Matthew Harrison, wrote a letter to church members saying he