Should we trust/use Sectarian Scholarship? #SDA #LDS

I’ve caught myself in my┬áprejudices. William H. Shea has written a great article on the chiastic structure of Daniel, which,


Blogging my book: The Style of “Mimetic Criticism and the Gospel of Mark”

I would encourage you, future reviewers, to read John Henderson’s essay on Lucan’s language. This is one of the most


Review: Of Games and God: A Christian Exploration of Video Games @brazospress

Kevin Schut’s book is a must read for those struggling with the returning question of just what good are games


Does an internel pattern (Chiasm) indicate unity? (Book of Daniel)

For my SBL paper, I’m going to propose a Danielic structure underneath Mark’s gospel. No, not completely, but you’ll see.

Religion and Politics

Are we at the Zenith of the Secular Age?

The Telegraph on the new Archbishop of Canterbury: “Some consider the slide of religion to be inexorable; yet Bishop Welby