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What’s next, Tennessee? A Rainbow star on the student’s arm?

Parents or legal guardians of students who receive such counseling shall be notified as soon as practicable that such counseling

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Blogging my Book: The Front Cover of my Mark book

Just got the proof in today. There you go…


Thoughts on Hal Taussig’s The New New Testament

Hal Taussig has not assembled anything but a nice literary collection of ancient documents related in someway to one another

Religion and Politics

This is why Paul hand-wrote that bit in Galatians #nra

Because the simplistic, earnestness of a hand-written note says more than any two-bit, loud mouth gun back like Wayne LePierre.


Who the h e double hockey sticks is Hal Taussig to call together a council?

I received this from the Amazon Vine program… My first thoughts was… “Who the h e double hockey sticks is

Religion and Politics

Raphael Golb will be digging time for a while

Prior to the trial, Golb turned down a plea bargain agreement in which he would have pleaded guilty to two