Does Anthony Le Donne hate Historical Jesus scholars(hip)?

Question: why is there so little use of this portrayal in historical Jesus study? here I tend to, at the moment,


Say, just how close are we to not existing on this planet?

Now scientists have redefined the boundaries of the habitable zone for alien planets, potentially kicking out some exoplanaets that were

Religion and Politics

Al Gore promotes new book by misusing the Book of Revelation

Ugh… So, here is a guy who sold his news station to Big Oil, although I like Al Jazeera. Go


The Marginalia Review of Books is now Live – First Reviews Posted

Guess what? Start your morning off right, yes sirree… Aaron Rosen on Art and Belief, by Ruth Illman Mark Edwards


Review: @BakerAcademic: Imaginative Apologetics

Apologetics is changing. Yes, the stereotype of the white man in a suit that simply loves to argue and has