And suddenly, Kevin Schut is cool… @brazospress

Brazos Press has recently released this book by Kevin Schut, Video games are big business, generating billions of dollars annually.

Religion and Politics

Arizona #GOP thinking about requiring High School students to freely take loyalty oaths

I kid you not… A group of Republican lawmakers want to require Arizona students to recite a loyalty oath to

Religion and Politics

Charleston, West Virginia is biblically-minded because it is mostly white

I’ve tried to stay away from Newt Gingrich-endorsing George Barna and his formerly-owned group (different owners now), especially this latest


The Return of The Patristics Carnival

It’s true. I’m bringing it back. Read the link below for details. Good News: The Patristics Carnival is Back!


Dawkins and Democracy

This is a post by Edmund Standing: Here’s Richard Dawkins on the question of a referendum on EU membership: In

Mental health

I’ve always known I was fundamentally flawed

It’s true, I have always been painfully aware that my personality is fundamentally flawed. In response to this I spent

Religion and Politics

Replies to the @Energion discussion on #GunControl

Here are the replies to the Gun Control question Elgin’s (wrong) Joel’s (that’s mine, so it is divinely inspired)