Book Announcement: Commentary on John (by St. Cyril!!) (Ancient Christian Texts) @ivpacademic

Cyril of Alexandria (ca. 378-444), one of the most brilliant representatives of the Alexandrian theological tradition, is best known for

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Are you pulling my leg?

An international team of researchers including Svante Pääbo and Qiaomei Fu of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in

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Is this another malfeasance of the Academic Community?

Father Thomas L. Brodie, recently out of the closet as a Jesus-mythicist, has been replaced at his teaching position. According

Gospel Criticism

(Apocryphal) Farrer Theory in Practice — No Sign’s Gospel: John’s Use of Luke as Seminal Structural

This blogging project is meant to focus on the Synoptics. This post does not really do that; however, it does