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On the President’s Gun Violence Suggestions

Thought this might be appropriate… <


Remains of Ovid found

Archaeologists in Italy say they have discovered what they’ve called a “very important” series of statues dating back to the

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The Jesus Blog gives away Jesus’ Literacy

You know the rules.  You can enter in four ways:  (1) comment here; (2) share this webpage on facebook, then


Irenaeus would have recognized Homeric tendencies in the Gospels

Irenaeus likened the ‘Gnostic’ use of Scripture to that of someone who takes Homeric verses and rearranges them to create


Review: @KregelAcademic: The Handy Guide to New Testament Greek: Grammar, Syntax, and Diagramming

Thanks to Kregel Academic for this review copy: First, these handy guides are just that: hand-sized and at-hand guides designed

Religion and Politics

UK Christians lose three out of four discrimination cases at the European Court

I’m not going to clog up this blog with all the hefty details, but if you are interested, I’m covering