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So… That’s how Carrier did it…

In those disciplines where most researchers do not master mathematics, the use of mathematics may be held in too much

Mental health

Christianity and Mental Health: Have We Lost Our Faith?

Continuing my recent theme of Christianity and therapy (Here, here and here) I noticed a relevant article the Christian Post


A tune for the day… My Home Among the Hills


The @BakerAcademic Blog takes flight

Find their first post here… Welcome to the Baker Academic Blog – Best of 2012 .

Religion and Politics

The Cognitive Dissonance of the Constitutional Cult

Christian has brought up several solid points about holding the Constitution as a sacred document. This highlights something that I

Society and Religion

a Harvard PhD does not prevent you from being a criminal

Golb has one defender left… In the emails, the fictional Schiffman admitted to having plagiarized the work of Norman Golb,


Popular Culture Myth Meme

A similar structure enables storytellers to capture their audience faster and with hidden emotion:

Religion and Politics

19 January 2013