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How I Picture the End of the World

No end, just a wall to overcome to start again

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Finally… How Exodus really happened

Saw this on Facebook

Religion and Politics

For the ignorant on the Internet

This picture, or one like it, is floating around Facebook… Not only does it show a complete inaptness at understanding


What? Rocks older than the sun found in solar system @AiG

A meteorite which crashed to Earth earlier this year contains grains older than the solar system itself, according to scientists.

Religion and Politics

Louie Giglio is not John the Baptist

J.D. Greear has joined other conservative evangelicals in going over and beyond human logic and suggesting Louie Giglio is the

Society and Religion

Christianity: A form of therapy or a radical alternative?

Guest post by Edmund Standing: Stuart has recently published a thought-provoking post looking at psychotherapy and what role Christianity and the


Around the twist with Ken Ham – The art of conflation

I know there’s something of a tradition on this blog in highlighting the, erm, ‘teachings’ of Ken Ham, and I