Religion and Politics

We’ll have the constitution even if we have to commit treason #gunappreciationday

I realize that for many, the concept of Treason, ingrained in the Constitution and spelled out pretty darn well, is

Religion and Politics

‘Gun Appreciation Day’ Is Jan. 19

Saying they’re following the example of last year’s Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day, a coalition of “gun rights” activists announced today that they’re

Church History

Desert Fathers using the terms “demons” and “thoughts” interchangeably

A few weeks ago Wifey mentioned she’d read that the Desert Fathers used the terms “demons” and “thoughts” interchangeably. This idea intrigued me


My (new) favorite hymnal tune – Kingsfold

Here is the tune: and a few songs set to it: Also, the tune is similar to that of The


Chomsky on Science and Postmodernism (PostStructuralism)

Noam is chomping away at postmodernism… “Paris is the center of the rot…” Read something here: “Some of the people


Review of @ivpress’s, A Book of Prayers by Arthur A. R. Nelson

When my wife first picked this book up, she flipped through the pages and discovered just what it was. Her