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A Moment of Silence, A Day of Support for Dr. Christian Brady and his Family, 10 am Friday

Dr. Brady, who has suffered an indescribable loss, has posted on facebook, twitter, and his blog various moments of joy,


King James Bible Online release top ten searched Bible Verses of 2012

Thought this may be of interest to US readers, especially given that I know Americans only read and trust the


God is still Creator @AiG

The world’s highest radio telescope, built on a Chilean plateau in the Andes 5,000 metres above sea level, has captured


I’m not sure, but they have it right… Mimesis and Horror

I don’t do horror movies, especially cheesy horror movies, but this one I might. Why? No, not just the title,


Yeah, Micah Cobb gets it.

I see no reason to believe that homosexuality is the main culprit in the destruction of the family. Homosexuals are


oh dear… I’m in trouble… or, as I have retitled my book, “When God garbled”

As you know, The Marginalia Review will be up and running by the end of the month. T. Michael Law,

Society and Religion

When did Anonymous become the only hope for Justice?

First, it was the take down of the Westboro website and their twitter accounts and now, they are pursuing justice

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Happy Birthday to @catfishjim

I had the fortunate pleasure of meeting Cliff at SBL in Chicago and he is who is in cyberspace, I