J.J. Abrams on Mystery (TED Talk)

I’m watching on of Abram’s earlier programs and noticed something different about it – something, theological. This show has no

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Give in Honor of Mack Brady

As many of you now, Dr. Chris Brady and his family suffered a tragedy over the changing of the year.


A New Translation of the Heidelberg?

Awesomely Author ]], a Presbyterian  but we will not hold that against him, writes, Really, I long for the steps toward


Or, Maybe a book…

James McGrath has suggested, on his blog, a type of wiki, etc… that deals with mythicists “claims.” Announcing TalkHistoricity: An

Religion and Politics

The Fiscal Cliff Fiasco that got everyone hot and bothered and did what?

Getting sick and tired of neocons decrying the so-called war on business. There is no war on business. Scratch that.