fun. One Foot

Um…. Happiness stumbled upon a chapel last night And I can’t help but back up when I think of what

Logos Bible Software

The Medieval Preaching and Spirituality Collection @catholicLogos

Guess what’s not so dark now? My library: Far from being the “dark ages” once disparaged by the rationalists of


Star Trek – Into Darkness Trailer: Kirk Gets SherLOCKED

My prediction: Sherlock is Gary Mitchell returned from death — Kirk had to kill him when he became a god


On a personal note – @ivpacademic’s Incarnational Humanism

I have had this book for some time, and I wish I would have read it sooner. I regret not


@ivpacademic Review: Incarnational Humanism: A Philosophy of Culture for the Church in the World (Strategic Initiatives in Evangelical Theology)

I fear our world has become too materialistic to continue to revel in our shared humanity — too concerned for the show

Church History

St. Nicholas’ Feast Day