BREAKING NEWS: Jim West is an Ivory Tower Maximalist

I kid you not. David Hindley (I dunno) got mad because Jim brought to the attention just how cheap some


Jesus or Cato the Younger?

A paper was presented at SBL this year in which the topic of honor and the Messianic Secret was discussed

Christian Education

Petitions, Adjuncts and Supporting Higher Education

Someone posted on facebook the other day about the load of emails s/he is receiving from helpful and loving souls


That isn’t how you claim ownership on Facebook

I’ve seen the status update about laying claim to everything you “own” on Facebook. The only way to protect your


My Dream Gospel Parallel

There has been some discussion on Mark Goodacre’s blog about a recent Gospel parallel. Let me also mention Arthur Dewey’s


Just a tiny bit… yes, a wee bit… on why I think Revelation is Markan

So, I am floated the idea verbally that Revelation is composed in the Markan Community. I’ll give you just a


Revelation 17 is a good place to start, but there are plenty of interpretive clues

James McGrath has a post up today about Revelation 17 a a key to understand Revelation. I have mentioned before


Cory Taylor’s SBL paper – The Sociology of Biblioblogging

The following is an excerpt from my paper “Biblioblogging: Confessions of a Newcomer,” presented at the 2012 Annual Meeting of