Will Curiosity kill religion?

NASA is promising something historic: SAM apparently spotted something interesting in a soil sample Curiosity’s huge robotic arm delivered to the


Why we like Ben Witherington III and N.T. Wright even if we disagree with them

Mark Stevens writes, Brian LePort has been posting a series entitled  ‘Educating the Local Church‘. From what I can tell the


Yes, there are problems with an early dating of 2 Peter

And no, it did not come from a “post-modern” scholar but from St. Jerome: “He wrote two letters, which are


My SBL (2012) Paper

Thanks to Bryan E. Lewis for recording this. I would suggest putting in the head phones and cranking it up,

New Testament

More on Christianity post-Bar Kokhba

Dr. Schiffman has responded to my post that was sort of a response to his first one. He concludes, As


New academic blogging symbol/shortcut – (an)

Okay, so sometimes in blogging you have to do some pretty quick, dirty, and funky tricks. You just don’t have