Gender Issues

Women should be seen and not heard… at Christian Colleges

Biola University professors Brad Christerson, M. Elizabeth Lewis Hall, and Shelly Cunningham, authors of “Women Faculty at an Evangelical University:


Why does Le Donne Hate — hate with a passion hotter than a thousand suns — Bultmann

Kelber thought that what he was doing was a correction of the overly literary models of the form critics. Dunn


Is there a correlation?

This is what my facebook looks like at the moment: Well, if little honey tee tee is any indication… Oh,

Society and Religion

David Watson is… correct?

Recently, Jack Jackson of Claremont School of Theology argued for a division of the UMC over the issue of homosexuality.

Society and Religion

Kill the Gays

It has finally been passed. This will will make it a capitol offense (death penalty) to be a repeat offender,