In the Mail: A Cultural Handbook to the Bible

Thanks to the fine folks at Eerdmans: The task of interpreting the Bible — which was written by and to


In the Mail: Chronological Life Application Study Bible NLT

Thanks to the kind folks at Tyndale House for sending this review copy: The Bible is the story of God’s


A High Maintenance Doctrine?

Speaking as a biblical scholar, inerrancy is a high-maintenance doctrine. It takes much energy to “hold on to” and produces

Logos Bible Software

Speaking of Greek New Testament Discourse @logos

Do you see what I did there?  Anyway, the kind folks at Logos sent along a review copy of the

Religion and Politics

Theodicy really took it on the nose last night

See, with every natural disaster over the last four years, we’ve had to hear that God is warning us. Then,


39th Annual #SBLAAR Biblioblogger’s “Night Among the Stars” Telethon

The gathering of bibliobloggers – and I am going to once again invite any theobloggers and other bloggers about religion as well