Logos Bible Software

One of the coolest new features from @logos 5 … thanks to @jthom18

This is why Jeremy hasn’t been around… not because he doesn’t like me or because he loves Jim West, but

Logos Bible Software

@Logos 5 is here….

See here for a good review, and here for a preview.

Religion and Politics

Unfortunate headline of the day @GovChristie #sandy

I don’t usually comment on political things here on the blog, but this one cannot be passed up… People are


Engaging “Preaching” (Fred Craddock) Part II (Theology of Preaching)

This week did not turn out like I expected. Sandy blew in and I experienced a power outage. It was

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And the winner is… @ivpress @garynealhansen

First, I want to thank Dr. Hansen for his interview. And the winner is… The rules – contact me and

Other Posts

And the winner is… @bakeracademic

For the book… The rules are simple. You have to contact me to let me know what type you want.

Religion and Politics

Andy Sullivan Misses a few things with this “Cold Civil War” bit @sullydish

Andrew Sullivan has pointed out what others have pointed out – that the South is a voting bloc. This is


#Sherlock Lament (I’m looking at you @bbcamerica)

Found this on FB – and guess what… Series 3… most likely their last.