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Walter Brueggeman and the Problems of Cedarville’s Final Interpretation

We are again discovering that another Christian-themed university has acted ungraciously in dealing with a mere question. This is not

Christian Education

Cedarville University dispenses with Academic Integrity

Less than a year after Cedarville University hired theologian Michael Pahl, administrators relieved the associate professor of his teaching duties.


Good essay on Mimesis – from Sri Lanka

Plato did not reject, out right, mimesis. He rejected constant mimesis, mimesis for the sake of imitation. Perhaps this is


Lebanon and Mimesis

Mimesis – literary tools and anthropological madness. Anyway, I’m going to post mimesis-related posts from time to time. Some for

Society and Religion

Joel C. Rosenberg, the first to jump the Hurricane Sandy Shark!!!

“Isn’t God trying to get our attention? Just days before one of the most significant and momentous presidential and Congressional


Engaging Preaching (Fred Craddock) – Part I

As a side note – it has been a very long time since I posted to the category of Sermon


Can T. Michael Law convert Little Honey Tee Tee?

First, I challenge the lovely little guy who has become the Little Honey Boo Boo of the blogging-troll world to


Interview with @GaryNealHansen, author of Kneeling with Giants @ivpress

Dr. Hansen, thank you for agreeing to do this blog-aview.  Thank you for the invitation, Joel–I’m honored.  And you can