Religion and Politics

The Irony of Voting for the Mormon and not the Muslim

This has been going around… How odd that early Mormons would have voted for the Muslim!! This from Parley P

Religion and Politics

@Energion Political Roundtable Question #10 – Education

I’ve been asking questions that I thought would concern others. This week I’m answering a question that’s on my mind,


What is the point of religion?

Slow down… deep breaths… Now, answer the question as asked, please. That was the question posed to me last week


Prima Scriptura: An Introduction to New Testament Interpretation – Review, Part III @bakeracademic

My first draw to this book, truth be told, was the title of it. As a student of history and


Mythic mosaics and the lack of a theological crisis

No, this is not the book this post is about, but it is an important one nevertheless and seems to


Paul’s Anger – Reading Galatians post-Fundamentalism

I’ve chided my brother the Apostle Paul for the past few weeks for his uncontrollable temper in dealing with the