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Todd Akin: “legitimate rape” = science; evolution = theology

“I don’t see it as even a matter of science because I don’t know that you can prove one or


Book Announcement: In the Beginning… We Misunderstood @kregelbooks (it’s out now)

Description: For years, the evangelical church and its members have debated whether the Bible should be interpreted literally or symbolically


This is the better way to send off Amy and Rory – Doctor Who P.S.


Creationism in America, and what we can know about “Most Christians”

EDIT: Peter has pointed out that I’ve wrongly assumed Dr. McGrath was referring to the United States as the population

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Read this and consider the question @FORGEDALLAS

I’ve known Shannon for a few years now, and I do know that her heart is one for God’s people,

Social Memory Criticism

Prayer as a phenomenon of social memory?

So says William FitzGerald: In his book, FitzGerald draws upon contributions to rhetorical theory from Kenneth Burke along with a


Book Memory: Wesley, Wesleyans, and Scripture

The theology of John Wesley has proven exceedingly influential in the religious and spiritual lives of Wesley’s followers and his


The Le Donne Effect

A few colleagues of mine took a list of blog URLs (complete with estimated page hits) to my former employer