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God bless the Arkansas State Republican Party

If slavery were so God-awful, why didn’t Jesus or Paul condemn it, why was it in the Constitution and why


oh Nathan… you silly little homophobic man

Forest and trees and the what not… Nathan Cherry urgently rushes to bring us this exciting news that certain segments


Isaiah 53: Does Jesus claim to be Messiah?

The ancient prophet Isaiah predicted the coming of a servant of the Lord, a deliverer for the nations, with graphic

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A Doctor Who Anthropological Atonement Theory Meme

Whatever you are, this planet, these people are precious to me. And I will defend them to my last breath.

Religion and Politics

@Energion Political Roundtable – Question #8 #scotus

One of the ways in which a president shapes the future of the country is through appointments to the judiciary,

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I believe I asked you a question, Paul

Blowers’ final response… Thanks to those of you who have presented well-reasoned or informed criticism. If you have connection with


Dr. Jodi Magness to Give E.P. Adler Lecture at the University of Iowa

Dr. Jodi Magness, the Kenan Distinguished Professor for Teaching Excellence in Early Judaism at The University of North Carolina at

Religion and Politics

Charlie Fuqua – Oh the things I’d like to do with that name…

“The maintenance of civil order in society rests on the foundation of family discipline,” Charlie Fuqua wrote, according to an excerpt