But, but… order can’t come from chaos…

Researchers’ discovery of self-organized electromagnetic fields in counter-streaming ionized gases is paving the way for scientists to have new ways


Is Fred Craddock a Farrerian?

In one section, of the book, on interpreting the Text, Craddock suggests this: The Evangelists preserved and interpreted sayings and

Religion and Politics

The dangers of self-publishing, or – Slavery was a Godsend

Hubbard wrote in his 2009 self-published book, “Letters To The Editor: Confessions Of A Frustrated Conservative,” that “the institution of



For the moment it will simply redirect to The Wild Hunt at Patheos, but it will eventually house a re-launched Wild Hunt with new


Some concluding thoughts on the Jesus Criteria Conference

It is early and I am still tired, but a thought keeps coming to me. Sometime ago, I remember reading