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Adele’s Skyfall Song – Finally!

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HKoqNJtMTQ I love James Bond – and I love Adele… you put those two things together and wow.

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A little music for the Jesus Criteria Conference #jesuscriteria

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Day 1B – Jesus Criteria Conference

Got to spend the break talking with Mark Goodacre, John C. Piorier, and Bill Heroman. That was awesome. Dale C.

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Day 1A – Jesus Criteria Conference

]] begins to talk about the genesis of the book… Very revealing about the way we perceived authenticity… Is it

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Jesus Criteria Conference – the hangout

These are my superstars…

Society and Religion

Blowing in the wind about academic freedom

First, read Tom’s piece at The Bible and¬†Interpretation. Got it? Are you reading the comments Blowers is putting out there?