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The Jesus Blog: Book Giveaway!—Chris Keith

Go here: The Jesus Blog: Book Giveaway!—Chris Keith. So for, good stuff. And don’t forget the conference at United Theological


@NBS’s #Revolution: Episode 2 – Still a boring rip off of ‘Dies the Fire’

One of the things about S.M. Stirling’s literary series, ]], that I like is the graphic depiction of life immediately


No, he is not a scholar – Atwill’s false messiah and false scholarship

The wandering prophet was, of course, Jesus Christ. Atwill, a self-taught biblical scholar, contends that not only was there no

Religion and Politics

Liberalism Kills?

So says Richard Land to the ears to David Barton who seemingly got “excited” over the prospect of selling more


You daily #Pages tip – The long dash

So, I’m working with Pages now – an absolutely better word processar than Word. Word? But, I am struggling with

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Real (feminine) beauty

This sums it up for me: