Yes!!! Restore communal singing

The reasons why are legion. We are insecure about our voices. We don’t know the words. We resent being forced


Books to Read NOW – Libya, Responses, Terror

This post was originally one of the spate coming out when Osama was killed. Now, in the midst of more


@NBC’s #Revolution – Episode 1

The first episode officially premiers 17 September, but the initial preview is available on most online sites that house such things. I


Wait… a contradictory statement from Ken Ham? @aig

Because evolution and millions of years are really the anti-God religion of this age, the secular academics intimidate Christians to

Religion and Politics

Say… is drinking Dr. Pepper a sacrament now?

….this batch curated by HuffPo and Mashable): “This is showing the theory of men evolving from apes. I have lost all respect for

Religion and Politics

Cargill – ’nuff said

All individuals – both those who express faith in various deities and those choosing to adhere to no religion –