How did I miss Hurtado’s smack down of mythicists?

So in one sense I think I’m not alone in feeling that to show the ill-informed and illogical nature of

Religion and Politics

So, Barton is proved a liar… so he attacks Throckmorton as being a liberal?

The crux of their attack was that Throckmorton was once a true evangelical but then turned away from supporting the

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Blogging my Book: Avoiding the trap of Parallelomania

Tom posted a link on my wall today from a favorite scholar of mine. ]] has a new book coming


The Genius of Farrer

“The literary history of the Gospels will turn out to be a simpler matter than we had supposed. St. Matthew

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Blogging my Book – Avoiding, at all costs, the hint of plagiarism

Two weekends ago, Dr. Goodacre posted something about some creative borrowing, etc… involving John Drane. That got me to thinking…