Move over Carrier – let a real scientist show you how it’s done

This is an incredibly interesting use of statistical analysis. Generally, when people try and prove the historicity of myth, it’s


Please donate to Westboro Baptist Church using this method

To the kind stranger – thank you…


Dear Chick-fil-A – You can borrow my profile pic anytime..

Because that is what they are doing… Good Christian company and all…

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Blogging my book: I’m living in an allusive paradox

Yesterday, I was working on chapter 4 of my book. This chapter deals with mimesis and mimetic studies in the

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The Founder’s Bible? My propensity for ironic titles is gone #foundersbible

This is disgusting… To be published by the same people who published The Shack, perhaps the most awful piece of


Isaiah 3.1-7 as a paratext with the Elijah-Elisha narratives?

Just a thought or two on this and then back to work… Need to put this on “paper…” The Lord,


True Intertextuality – The Dark Knight Rises and the Tale of Two Cities

Gordon’s selection of this passage as Batman’s eulogy is quite apt. First of all, the lines in the book represent

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Should we really boycott Chick-fil-A?

I am not a fan of the thinking of the owner of Chick-fil-A, although I have long been an admirer