Some Nights – Good Song

You have felt that way before, right? Like the song, but I heard it on radio edit. Read the lyrics…

Religion and Politics

Chicago is worse than Afghanistan in gun deaths

January-to-June murders here were 58 percent higher than the number of US troops killed in Afghanistan during the same period.

Religion and Politics

More Thoughts on the #Aurora Tragedy – Who can we blame? Blame Me. I helped

I’d like to blame the NRA – Just last week LaPierre showed up at the United Nations Conference on the

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Proof coffee is divinely sanctioned… Take that Mormons!


“If Jesus…” is not the best academic tool to date Mark’s Gospel

If Jesus was who he said he was, then he could have predicted the future along with many other miracles.


The Man of Steel Trailer

httpv:// For the theogeeks, you know that Superman is nothing short than a messiah motif in red underroos… The only

Gender Issues

Methodists in Northeast Approve Pro-Gay Resolution – I disagree with this #umc #wvumc

This happened in Charleston this past week: Meeting in Charleston, W.V., nearly two-thirds of the 227 delegates at the Northeastern