So, did Jesus commit suicide?

He did after all Martyr himself. Is voluntary Martyrdom the same as suicide? if so.. how does that affect the


Peter Enns should be proud – he has a false gospel named after him.

From here: The Enns False Gospel Movement (2011 false doctrine promoted by Dr. Enns of Biologos that Adam was not


Say… instead of feeding the poor, lets focus on Christian bookstores

First, you gotta see this – Any disagreement within the Statement of Faith, the essentials of the faith, is indication


No, Virgil….

W.H. Auden on Virgil’s political tone? No, Virgil, no Not even the first of the Romans can learn His Roman


Now, this is good criticism

Since Jesus was probably known to have been crucified in the early 30s of the common era, it was not