A Song for West Virginia Today – With a Little Help from my Friends

Yeah, barely does it get better than this. Thanks to all of you doing your jobs today in the heat


The Dialogic Red, Red Rose

Poetry is not monologic, but rather, dialogic, even poetry as rustic as this: O my Luve’s like a red, red


Natalie Merchant’s – Equestrienne

Really, really like Natalie’s music


Quote of the Day: The Cause and Cure of Miserable People

Ht SH via FB


Problems Biblical Literalists Have: God condemned (Protestant) Christianity

“Listen to my words, Job; pay attention to what I have to say.┬áNow that I have begun to speak, let

Religion and Politics

Higher Criticism and Chief Justice John Roberts’ Decision

Rodney has started a series for us Browncoat Bibliobloggers. This is sorta like a Deuterocanonical post in the series. Higher


Scientists to announce belief in God on Wednesday

Scientists say the world’s biggest atom smasher plans to announce Wednesday enough evidence has been gathered to show that the