NT Greek Manuscripts App (iPhone/iPad) – Free

The H. Milton Haggard Center for NT Textual Studies in New Orleans at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary is pleased

Religion and Politics

Rick Joyner: John Roberts must be on drugs

It is understandable that some are now making the assertion that Chief Justice Roberts’ medication used to control his epilepsy

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Thou Shalt Not Laugh at this Picture

Religion and Politics

Lord, thank you for the children we are about to kill and capitalism. Thank you, seriously

Despite concerns about U.S.-made drones ending up in enemy hands, American military contractors are lobbying the government to loosen export


The flood caused Greenland and killed the dinosaurs. Duh

You’d have to go to the moon or Mars to find a bigger impact crater than the one discovered in

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More hellish weather on the way for West Virginia (Please RT)

WOWK is reporting that it is going to get ugly, but hopefully at least one of these storm cells may

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My Gift to the Canadian Peoples on Canada Day. You are Welcome

Today is Canada Day. For that, I would like to give a gift which is equal to everything that Canada