Society and Religion

Batman should die in Dark Knight Rises – We need human superheroes

The current gossip is that Chris Nolan will kill Batman at the end of the Trilogy. Some are complaining: Still,


The Right Reverend Stephen Colbert and Lawrence Krauss

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Review: Faith in the Public Square @energion

Robert Cornwall’s latest offering, Faith in the Public Square, is a much needed reminder that faith need not be absent


Review: Changing Signs of Truth: A Christian Introduction to the Semiotics of Communication @ivpacademic @adriannawright

Those of us who have learned to read between the lines, to understand that there or symbols of a greater

Society and Religion

Prayers are fine, but the Colorado Wildfire victims need more than that – Donate

Here, donate: • El Paso County Sheriff’s office: Large animal shelter at Norris-Penrose Equestrian Center needs volunteers:            719-520-7773      . • The Red


Quote of the Day: Morton S. Enslin – Studying the Gospel of Mark

The longer I study this gospel, the more I am impressed by the daring genius of its author. Far from being


Mystic Experiences from… Memory?

You can file this under Historical Jesus studies if you want. Have you ever had an ah-ha moment sometime after